At 9:20 on my watch today I received a rather frantic email from the marketing representative of an old client – an insurance company – who said that they needed 200 pieces of fleece wear embroidered with their logo right away, in three days. They are sponsoring a local mini-Winter Olympics event and would like to give their customers something tasteful and functional – something that they could actually use, not shove into the back of the closet.

She asked for my suggestion and I recommended this unisex pullover…

 Chestnut Hill Unisex Polartec Quarter-Zip Pullover

…which comes in all sizes, and looks great on anyone. Fleece sweats are more flattering, lighter, and warmer than cotton sweats. That probably explains three things: (a) why many people now run around in them, (b) why you’ll find them in all colors in every GAP store, and (c) why they’re the hottest thing in the promo item industry.

To get the ball rolling, I headed off to our design department to decide on how the logo should be embroidered. We all agreed on a design that will embroider well – this way we keep the fleece elegant, stylish, and very wearable.

So many things have to get done. I have to coordinate with the design team and check back with the client and verify with production – basically pull all strings to make sure the order gets shipped by Wednesday morning, at the latest. It looks like I’m having another working lunch.