Everything is going pretty well with the fleece wear order. Production is in full swing, which means I can now put down my third mug of brewed coffee, breathe, and do some research for the client.

Warming up to fleece
Our instincts were right. Clothing is still the most popular category for promotional items (more popular than mugs, actually). T-shirts are still the most used, followed by fleece vests and hats. But fleece is really moving up – many experts say that it is now quickly replacing golf shirts and polo shirts (the ‘it’ promo items in the late 1990’s). Everyone is now quickly realizing that fleece is lightweight yet warm (twice as warm as wool), very durable, dries fast, and always looks good.

Now a staple in colder climates, fleece clothing is permeating even upscale fashion in the guise of ‘corporate casual style.’ But not all fleece apparel is the same. Recipients will probably throw pieces with cheap, shoddy workmanship straight to the trash, along with the company logo. That’s why we at RushIMPRINT make sure that every promotional item we produce maintains functional and visual integrity. We carry only well-made polar fleeces with stretch binding at the armhole and the bottom opening, and fashionable contrast inside-collar, collar binding, and side panels. You don’t want your logo on anything less.