Aspiring for a new identity is much easier than actually creating one. That is especially true for smaller businesses, I think. But when an unknown business name is seen alongside a well-established logo, the tides change. That is the miracle of branding.

This is we carry (and expand our line of) ‘branded’ promotional products, especially in apparel. Most of our clients know the advantages of simply being associated with a famous brand. They know the difference between putting your logo on this…

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…and on just an ordinary shirt.

Aside from the ‘prestige’ of the brand, our clients also pay for the quality. After all, a shirt made of 60% cotton with hemmed bottoms and cuffs is more likely to last longer than the average shirt. Recipients are also likely to hold on to them longer. And in promo items, ‘shelf life’ is the key – the longer the item is used, the more the client’s name is advertised, and the higher the return of their investment.

- Jen