I noticed that some of our clients are now shifting to higher-quality, higher cost items and imprinted with their logo alongside the manufacturer’s. Cutter and Buck pens, four-piece portable cafes, and Nike apparel are some of the most-ordered higher-end items.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with brand extension. When our clients sponsor a golf tournament, for example, they want something more than just visibility – they also want to be associated with a top brand. Who can blame them? Branding has always been proven to reinforce recall.

Even the top brands realize this. Nike, for example, now permits company logos to be embroidered next to ‘the swoosh,’ and many other top brands are doing the same. The benefits are mutually-beneficial. Top brands sell more products, and logos of companies promoting themselves are exposed and connected to trusted names. The old-school formula works yet again: association = memory.

- Josh