So powerful are promo items that they work for consumers of all ages – even to kids, or especially to kids. I was surfing for marketing data when I came across a new bit about the Japanese Nintendo Club’s successful and inexpensive promotional tactic last year, considered one of the best in their industry.

Their attack was simple enough – they gave some nine thousand mobile phone straps (similar to this) to the lucky kids who buy their Final Fantasy game and register its serial number in their website.

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Photo from Hahacat
The actual straps are inspired by the game’s characters – the black, white, and red sorcerer

The simple marketing plan worked, proving that even cheaper promotional items can be used as premiums if your audience wants them bad enough. The sales of Nintendo’s version of Final Fantasy hit all-time highs – almost as high as their Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold games, which, incidentally, also used promotional items to gain worldwide popularity.

This only goes to show that promotional items never have to be too expensive to work. They can be worth a dollar and still triple your sales. That sure gives meaning to ‘bang for your buck.’