I don’t know of you remember my previous entry about why I prefer padfolios to PDAs. I said that they are much simpler, less redundant, and easier on the eye that their electronic counterparts. Well, guess what – I found more reasons.

 Navigator Deluxe Writing Pad

A shipment of these padfolios came in today, and I of course had to ‘test drive’ one of them myself. The verdict: They are far more functional than PDAs, at least for someone who carries around bills and receipts (like me). It has very useful nooks and pockets that enable users to organize and carry important personal and office documents. It’s also sturdier – the pad is made from strong nylon, and the case is waterproof leather. You won’t lose your data even if you carry it in the rain or accidentally drop it in a pool – and you can’t say that about PDAs.

This padfolio also comes in a zippered version that features stretchable exterior pockets for carrying magazines and bigger documents, plus interior pockets for business cards, electronics, and media storage (such as USB ports).