I thought I was the most technologically-backward person this side of the country, until I read this: Most people still prefer traditional paper folios to personal digital assistants (PDAs). And it makes sense, really.

Many carry phone numbers in their cell phone, and therefore do not need electronic organizers to do that for them. Most professionals are always sitting at their computer and lugging around their laptops, anyway, so what use would they have for a digital assistant? Conclusion: Electronic organizers are often redundant. They’re also pretty scary – you have to religiously synchronize them with your main computer, or you risk losing data.

The best thing about paper folios is that they are very simple but still work well. I’ve already tried using a PDA, but I find that there is no better alternative to dark ink on bright pages. The glare on screen texts makes reading harder. Paper is still easier on the eye, tangible and portable.

That probably explains why the orders we get for paper folios still continue to grow. In fact, we get a lot of orders from IT companies! That just goes to show that no matter how tech-savvy or ultra-modern people are, their affinity for paper never goes away.

 Cutter & Buck Jr. Writing Pad
This is one of our Cutter & Buck paper folios, crafted from stylish top grain leather in chestnut color.

So, should you buy a digital organizer or renew your paper planner? That is a personal choice. I know I won’t trade in my paper folio for anything electronic this year. For me, the paper folios work, and work well.