Whoever said that direct mailing is passé obviously hasn’t read the latest statistics. Direct mailing is still one of the best methods to target ‘best buyers’ and widen customer base. It’s so effective, in fact, that many businesses claim to have doubled their profits within just 1.5 years by using direct mailing.

But let’s face it – target consumers receive hundreds of direct mails everyday, and it can be pretty difficult to stand out. You can use colorful envelopes, emblazon them with catchy tag lines, but your mail can still go straight to the trash, unread.

How do you get your target’s attention? Give free stuff. Everybody loves free stuff. Throw in a promotional item or two and watch your target customers go from “I’ve never heard of that company before” to “Yes, I know that company,” and finally, to “We buy from them. They’re great!”

Choose the right promotional item to complement your direct mail carefully. Avoid ‘dormant’ items – they will likely get thrown out, too, together with your mail. Instead send something useful and practical. Ask yourself what you would use. A tasteful shirt, a nice CD case, golf balls, or even a handy tool kit should do the trick.