Another growing trend in the lead generation industry is the ‘referral marketing,’ which, according to surveys, is one of the best methods of generating constant streams of customers and potential customers. In fact, about 70 percent of internet users say that they do visit the websites of companies referred by people they know.

The problem: How do you get people to refer your products and services to other buyers? The answer: Offer them incentives. You can give your referrers discounts, but I suggest you give them more immediate and tangible – free promotional products.

In order for referrers to feel compelled to recommend you to friends, the free items you hand out must be desirable in the first place. Topping the list of the latest and most sought-after promo items these days are technology products USB sticks, iPOD accessories, and virtually anything computer-related. Stylish branded bags and wearables still appeal to the ladies. Throw in useful shoe bags and you just might get more leads.

The keys to maintaining your referral marketing system are consistency and innovation. Send the free items when you say you are going to, and introduce new ones regularly, or better yet, let the referrer choose from among many. This way, people do not get tired of telling potential customers about you. The grapevine is still one of the most effective promotional channels. Make it work for you by using promo items.

- Josh