Probably one of the most hardworking promotional items is multi-piece toolkits, which enable people to work on basic projects even when they are miles away from their toolboxes. You can give basic multi-head screwdrivers, pliers, or knob drivers (among many other basics). Move up the promotional tools range and you can give advanced 25-piece toolkits, survival tools, and even ultra-handy pocket tools like this one from Shelton or this 4-in-1 tool keychain.

 25-Piece Tool Kit
The kit includes all sockets, screwdriver bits, allen keys, wrenches, tape measure, and pliers and extension bars, and many other tooling essentials.

Promo tools are the little well-oiled promotional gears that have the power to increase your business’ revenues substantially. Many managers are now dropping big ideas like ‘revolutionary’ business models or mega-mergers in favor of simpler, cumulatively effective tactics such as this. If promo items were not effective, why do you think the multinationals spend over $15 billion a year on them?

The bottom line: useful promo items such as tools work, and work wonders. Focus your energy on finding the right item for your market. Tools work best for male-oriented industries, but you would be surprised how many women appreciate receiving tools, too. In fact, a good number of them use screwdrivers as levers to open cans :)

- Josh