The shoe horn may be reclaiming its glory, and may quickly become as indispensable as a hairbrush or comb. That’s right – these little plastic scoops are making their way back into shoe cabinets, and quickly.

Shoe horns are another nice idea of a promotional item

Shoe horns are not readily available in shoe stores these days, so people who receive them as promo items keep and cherish them almost as much as they cherish a nice sweater or a fleece blanket. People find it so much easier to ease a dress shoe on to their feet with a shoe horn. Many seniors, especially, say that these devices make putting on shoes easier.

How does it work? The handle lets a person put on footwear without bending. The blade of the shoe horn is pressed firmly against the inside back of the shoe. This enables the wearer to easily slide his or her feet into the shoe, toe first and then heel. The shoe horn is then slipped out from between the heel and the shoe. It is especially helpful for breaking in new shoes or getting into custom-made fitted pairs.

This probably explains why a lot of first-rate hotels and inns give them as complimentary gifts to customers, and why many of the companies we work with – especially those with a lot of clients within the 45 and up age group – are ordering them by bulk. Shoe horns make high impact because they are unexpected, unique, and very useful. Give them to your clients, and they will remember you every time they put on their shoes – which is, well, everyday.

- Jen