In my last post I was mentioning photo frames, saying that they might be quite a dull thing to be embellished with your logo. Alright, people would look at photos in photo frames, and would look at them attentively, but not as often as you might want them to look at something with your logo on it.


There is nothing else you can do with a photo frame, just look at it. Or may be move it around the desk. Sounds pretty dull. Well, this applies to most photo frames except the one I’m going to tell you about right now. This one has some built in interactivity. You load it with 6 pictures, but it shows only 2 at a time. Want to see more – push the button and photos will be rotated. No curious person can stand not pushing that button till the last picture is shown. And I bet the person who sees this photo frame will remember it. So the trick here is not to overuse it and not make it so popular it will not surprise people any longer.

And yes, I seem to be really in love with all the products from the Robot Series™. They are all very creative, and appear in many categories, so you might want to head to the main page of the shop and search for them before I pick up the next one and tell everyone how useful it might be.