If you are here to choose the next fine product to put your logo on, then I guess I gave you some additional ideas during the last few days. But maybe you are not, and other tabs of your browser are open looking for some other ways to reach your target audience? Well, who am I to persuade you, and yes, a good marketing campaign would use several different forms of media. The question is how to distribute the marketing money. So, here come some figures on how most Americans spend it. And some figures that explain why.

Advertising Specialty Institute reports that in 2005 promotional products industry sales rose another 5.1 percent. This makes an estimated total of $17.8 billion. It means that spending on promotional products was close to twice as large as Internet display advertising ($8.3 billion estimate), five times greater than outdoor advertising ($3.5 billion estimate) and was also more than spending on cable TV advertising ($15.9 billion estimate). Further research shows that all these small and big objects imprinted with different company logos are not just some part of the advertising industry where people tend to spend considerable sums from their ad budgets; it’s also one of the most effective ways to spend advertising money.

When it is spent on promotional products, recall rate is higher, long-lasting/repeat exposure is better, increase of company image and referrals and generation of business is also quite considerable. If you are not satisfied with just words, let me give you the numbers just for the first factor, recall rate. It’s 27% for Internet banner ads, 53.5% for ads that you encounter in more traditional media, in print and on TV and when it comes to promo products recall rate raises to 76.1%. And if we mention that the people who were questioned about media ads recalled brands and logos from the last week, but when it came to promo items they would easily remember branded gifts they received a year ago. Impressive even for me, though I’ve spent many years working in this industry.