Some might prefer writing on paper to keyboards or PDA styluses. Well, there are many reasons for that, and we wrote about them already. Others would already hardly remember how to use a ballpoint pen and are tapping all the information to the screen of their PDA. And I just realized that we have a gift that would nicely fit into the pockets of both types of people.

4-IN-1 LIGHT PEN WITH STYLUSThis pen combines a traditional ballpoint pen (in fact, 2 of them, a red one and a black one) and a PDA stylus. And has a light as an extra function.

It is also more comfortable to use than an original stylus: most styluses are designed too thin to make using them for long periods of time comfortable. For many PDA users there is always a temptation to grab a common pen and tap with it’s point, not with stylus, which is of course not good for the fragile PDA screens. So, give this pen for a PDA owner and he will be happy. And if you give this pen to someone who hates PDAs – well, he gets a pen with a light, and might not even notice the stylus function.