Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

My wife is a sticky note addict. They are all over the house. On the toilet seat—close it. In the shower—squeegee it. On the TV—turn it off. On the kitchen trash—take it out. On the dishes—wash them. On the dog—feed it. I am scared to think how much she has spent on the “sticky note” in the course of her life. It wouldn’t surprise me to believe she is now up to a $2.00 a day habit. We have confronted her, even bought her Palm Pilots and eraser boards, but nothing has worked. So, we have accepted it, knowing that without her we’d all be lost.

Of course, I suspect my wife is not alone. We are a nation obsessed with lists, notes and reminders; something which forgetful baby boomers suddenly understand is more valuable than ever. Since 1970 the sticky note has become a staple of American life, a part of our everyday existence and, most importantly, a fixture on desks from California to Maine. As someone who wants to get his name out in the public, you want to be a part of that frenzy, which is why we proudly feature the Pop-Up Sticky-Note Dispenser.

This pop-up sticky-note dispenser is the perfect tradeshow gift. It mounts anywhere with the supplied self-adhesive tape. You can be sure your name will stick around when you give these out. This dispenser is available in your pick of three translucent colors and includes a standard 3 by 3 inch pop-up note pad. Take it from me…they’re addictive.

Speaking of notes, I’m off to the cleaners. Until next time, remember what Henry Ford
once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”