Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Every St. Patrick’s Day, my friend Eduardo Jose-Luis Dominguez puts on his lime green suit and celebrates the heritage he knows nothing about. And every year, he inevitably gets asked the same question: where did you get that suit?

I suppose it’s human nature. If we like something someone else has, we want to know where they got it. It’s how every fad from the Pez Dispenser to Pet Rocks to Mood Rings began, the last one of which my mother-in-law invented, only without the ring.

We love the odd, quirky and unusual, which leads us right to the Staple-Less Stapler. That’s right…it’s the staple-less paper fastening system…surprisingly handy in a busy office…with no jamming on faxes and copiers. The PL-80 cuts through papers and creates a loop-and-tuck binding, able to fasten up to 5 pages of standard paper. You’ll never use staples again. It’s the perfect desk accessory—fun, functional…and, best of all, most people don’t already have one.

Of course, I have one, making me the envy of the entire office…or since I work at home…the entire neighborhood. Just the same, everyone wants to keep up with the Winston’s now. And do you know what? For a good price, I’d be glad to let them.

Now, I’m off to the pound to get ourselves a puppy, which, I believe is not coincidentally happening on the day before my kids go back to school. Until next time, remember the words of the late Hunter S. Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”