Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

My wife caught me looking at dirty pictures on my computer yesterday. Literally. Since I get most of my news, weather and sports from the Internet, a dusty monitor can cause quite a problem. Mine had developed such a thick coat of dust, I was sure California was suffering a massive snowstorm or at the very least, the smog problem was out of control. Fortunately, my wife is a bit of a clean freak and she had the perfect remedy for my dust problem. A couple a swipes with a Monitor Brush and even I could tell the difference between the best and worst dressed celebrities at the Golden Globes, sort of. Which got me thinking about what a great marketing opportunity these handy little brushes provide. Almost everyone I know is computer obsessed and even the most fastidious neat nicks can’t avoid the wily dust mote, so adding your logo to the brush creates a great giveaway for clients who like a clean screen.

While surfing the web on my newly dust free computer today, I learned all sorts of interesting things. For instance, Naomi Campbell pled guilty to “accidentally” lobbing a cell phone that hit her maid in the back of the head. Fortunately the phone was under warranty so Naomi received a free replacement. I also discovered an interesting bit about a male panda in Thailand who is too fat to have sex so his caregivers put him on a strict all ‘bamboo leaf’ diet. The shoots are strictly off limits. It worked for Nicole Ritchie so the zookeepers are hopeful their fat panda will trim down so he can mate. That story gave me a great idea for an innovative branding idea. I can’t talk about it now as I’m waiting for patent approval but check back soon for all the details.

Well, I’m headed to Thailand to meet with a man about a panda and an idea that will send shockwaves through the zoological community. In the meantime remember what my brother always says, “cleanliness may be next to godliness but dirty is a lot more fun.”