Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I spent most of last night in the emergency room with my youngest son. As anyone raising boys can attest to, it’s dangerous business. This latest trip was the result of little Al’s decision to climb to the top of the jungle gym to see if his Superman cape worked. It didn’t. Fortunately he escaped without any broken bones and ended up with a few stitches and a bruised ego. Al is a tough little guy; he didn’t cry once. We would have been out of the ER and home in no time but I fainted upon seeing my youngest son stitched up by a doctor that made Doogie Howser look like a retiree.

In honor of Al and his six stitches, today’s featured product is a Sewing Kit In Clear Top Plastic Box. It’s a handy little sewing kit that is perfect for travel, purses, brief cases and the home. Your customers will carry your logo in style with this practical but appreciated incentive, reminding them that you care about good grooming and style. When you personalize the kit with your company logo and add inspired messaging, you will have a promotional item that showcases your company’s blend of practical creativity. It’s a winning combination that will have all your accounts sewn up.

I’m off to read Al a bedtime story that does not include flying superheroes. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine but if your kid needs stitches, you’d better sit down.