Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

In an effort to battle insomnia, I decided to do a little time travel. No, I didn’t step into the “Way Back Machine” or go for a ride in a DeLorean back to the future. My trip through time was a whole lot easier…I jumped in the car and took a drive down Memory Lane, which was the name of the street my wife and I lived on when we were first married. Much like your average two year old who falls asleep as soon as he’s strapped into his car seat, driving relaxes me. Don’t worry, I usually wait until I get home to fall asleep so you shouldn’t fear sharing the road with me. Back then, we lived in a tiny guesthouse at the end of the block while we dreamed about upgrading to the spacious house that we lived behind. Our kitchen was so small we couldn’t toast bread and make coffee at the same time without bumping into each other. But we didn’t mind, in fact sometimes I’d make toast while my wife was making coffee, just so I could bump into her.

I had heard they were tearing the place down to make room for a Starbucks so I thought I’d take one last look while I still had the chance. It was exactly as I remembered it, except smaller. Our newlywed love nest was no bigger than my daughter’s bedroom and the front house that had seemed so huge then was around the same size as the house we live in now. That’s the thing about memories I guess. You don’t always remember things exactly the way they were; instead you recall how you felt at the time, which is the important thing after all.

Memories are universal—we all have them and we all get a little misty and nostalgic when remembering the good ole days. I’ve found the best way to combat the “way it was” blues is to share old memories and to continue making new ones. Of course, it’s important to remember the memories you make and today’s offering gives you a way to do just that. The Metropolitan Leather Photo Box is a wonderful way to store treasured photos and other valuable keepsakes. Keep it for yourself or give it to valuable clients to remind them of your value. Take advantage of the 4” x 6” photo frame that is integrated on the lid and include a photo of your company or an inspirational message. I’m using my box to store my mug shot. The neighborhood watch captain called the cops when he saw me “lurking” on Memory Lane.

Speaking of making memories, I’m off to create some new ones with the Winston clan at the “May Apple Stomp” in Columbus, Ohio. Should make for some good photos. My father’s good friend Elbert Hubbard always said, “A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness.”