Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

My wife came home after meeting with a “Certified Color Analyst” and announced that she was a summer, which was really surprising because she had always imagined herself a spring, and now she had to rethink her entire wardrobe. She also informed me that I’m a winter which is probably why we get along—-opposites attract and all that. After spending several hours in her closet, my wife emerged with an armful of clothes and announced that she needed to buy a whole new wardrobe because her clothes were washing her out. I’ve been in the marketing game long enough to recognize a clever ploy when I hear one—her certified color analyst also happens to be a “certified” personal shopper. I’ve also been married long enough to know when to keep my opinions to myself. So, needless to say, Mrs. Winston and her Color Analyst / Personal Shopper / New Best Friend are out shopping in an attempt to summerize her wardrobe. I haven’t the faintest idea what it means to be a summer but I have a feeling it’s expensive.

While she is out, I am taking advantage of the time to prepare for summer, my way. I’m cleaning the barbeque, dusting off the lawn chairs, unwinding my hammock and getting ready for the Winston Annual Memorial Day Summer Kick-off party. It’s great fun and the whole neighborhood comes out to eat burgers, dogs and Mrs. Winston’s famous red, white and blue jello salad. I always give away a little something for our guests to remember us by, and this year is no exception. Since Memorial Day is a time for showing patriotism, I’ve decided to give our guests Patriotic Can Jerseys from Rush Imprint. They keep cold drinks cold and are designed in the shape of a football jersey with plenty of room for your company logo or promotional message. Mine says, “Virgil Winston…Master BBQ Chef and Marketing Genius.”

Rush has all kinds of Patriotic gifts so if can jerseys aren’t your speed, the USA Made Flag Pen is a great giveaway for any company gathering, picnic or meeting. If you want to infuse a little fun into your takeaway, USA Maracas make a lot of noise and will ensure your message is heard while bringing a smile to the receivers face. Whichever gift you choose, your generosity, patriotism and company spirit will surely win clients and influence new customers to buy your product or service.
Well, I’m off to train for the neighborhood hot dog eating contest with my youngest son. We don’t stand a chance of winning since Takeru Kobayashi and his son just moved into the neighborhood but I think we’ve got a good shot at an honorable mention. Truth is, I’m just in it for the free T-shirt…but you probably knew that.