Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Well, it’s that time again—Thanksgiving is only days away, which means one thing: the holiday season is officially in full swing. This year, Mrs. Winston and I have decided to forgo our usual hosting duties and will “make the rounds” instead. The kids are off on an extended ski vacation with their maternal grandparents, so the wife and I are free to turkey hop. We were invited to several parties and plan to attend them all—except for the vegetarian Thanksgiving. I’m not a fan of tofurkey. We even bought special pants for the occasion; elastic waistbands are the only way to go! I am quite excited about breaking with tradition, especially since Mrs. Winston is not known for her culinary prowess. Don’t get me wrong, she has other talents, but cooking is not her best thing.

Of course, being a guest does not mean being a mooch. In order to be polite, and be invited back, it is important to arrive with a proper host gift in hand. Wine is an obvious choice and, while appreciated, it doesn’t always make an impact. That’s why I have purchased a few dozen appetizer sets from Rush Imprint. I like to create a signature gift each year and give one to everyone. I always choose something useful and memorable, which is appreciated and remembered by all…so everybody wins. This year I have chosen Wisconsin Flavors, a gift set that is sure to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. It includes a half-pound each of medium and mild cheddar and a 5-ounce stick of tangy beef summer sausage packaged with a cutting knife and a handy chopping board that is imprinted with my logo and heartfelt holiday message.

Well, I’m off to grandmother’s house to drop off the kids. Happy Thanksgiving and remember what my Mother always says, “If you don’t have anything to be thankful for, you’re not looking hard enough.”