Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

These days people are obsessed with “The Office,” but not the one the go to every day. No, people are more interested in the office inhabited by people that are odder than their own co-workers and whose antics can be viewed from the safety of their living room couches. I am referring of course to the hit television show about the increasing irrelevant paper company, Dunder Mifflin led by the idiotic but lovable Scranton office boss, Michael Scott, played to perfection by Steve Carell. I think the show is so appealing because viewers can relate to the inane antics while, at the same time, reveling in the knowledge that no matter how dreary their cubicles or how vile their real life bosses, their office life is better than the one portrayed on television.

It’s popularity is proof that not everyone likes watching ultra rich, ultra fabulous people with perfect teeth and fake tans zip around in their 85,000 sports cars wearing Prada, Gucci and Mui Mui while they sip Cristal at chic parties, readjusting the silver spoons they were born with. Of course, I’ll admit to enjoying the antics on “Dirty Sexy Money” and I have been know to tune in to “The Hills,” if only to engage in some father-daughter TV bonding, but I too think it’s refreshing and self esteem boosting to watch the likes of Dwight Schrute fight with Jim over the ownership of a Rubber Grip Stapler. That’s real reality television—just the way I like it, fictionalized and laugh out loud funny.

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of fun, funny promotional items that successfully convey an important message to employees or important clients. I think that even Michael would agree that Nutty Putty fits the bill. Not only will it remind the recipient of that childhood favorite, Silly Putty®, but the egg-shaped containers are the perfect backdrop for your logo or promotional message. Because it’s a fun reminder of a simpler time, this gift is sure to be appreciated and you’ll be thought of as the “cool boss” or fun-loving vendor that everyone wants on their side.

I’ve got to go practice my speech for the office Christmas party. Since I work from home, it will be a small gathering, but I still like to deliver an inspirational speech to set the tone for the New Year. In the words of Michael Scott, “That’s what she said.”