Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I often refer to the days following Christmas as the calm after the storm. As much as we try to teach our kids about the true meaning of the holiday and make the day about something other than presents, candy canes and more toys than an F.A.O. Schwartz warehouse, having a six year old in the house means a visit from the fat man and a frenzy of flying gift wrap that beings at 6 AM. My youngest usually wakes up around 5 AM, but knows better than to wake his Mom before sun up. I imagine him impatiently watching Spongebob reruns, tapping his footy pajama clad foot and checking his Spiderman wristwatch every five minutes. When it’s finally time, he runs into our bedroom at top speed and hurls himself between us, serving as a small, warm and very loud human alarm clock with no snooze button. The next hour flies by in a whirlwind of ripping, tearing and delighted shrieking followed by a day filled with non stop eating, drinking and entertaining an endless stream of family, friends and neighbors until we all fall into a deep, coma like sleep at around 8 PM.

The kids are spending the next few days with my in-laws talking in various Southern California tourist attractions and my wife is committed to finding the best bargains known to man at every after Christmas sale she can find, so I am left alone to bask in blissful silence. After the holiday commotion, an empty house is a welcome friend. I have been spending my days puttering in my office, putting the finishing touches on my book (in stores this Spring) and practicing my putting with the Pro-Flite Golf Balls Santa so thoughtfully put in my stocking this year. They are good balls too—meant for serious golfers. These 90-compression golf balls placed 1st and 2nd in the performance categories of Total Distance and Carry Distance. Even more impressive is the fact that Mr. Claus has finally realized the value of marketing and had the balls imprinted with his logo and a clever holiday message. I guess he finally read my book!

Well, I’m off to enjoy the last remaining moments of quietude before it’s time to ring in the New Year. Remember, “Christmas only lasts a day but branding lasts forever.”