Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Apparently we are smack dab in the middle of a little something called March Madness, which, until recently, I thought was the time of year when Mrs. Winston cleaned for twenty-seven days straight and screamed at anyone who dared to track in dirt after she steamed cleaned the carpets. As it turns out, the “March Madness” everyone is all worked up about has little to do with cleaning and everything to do with basketball fever. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of college sports, so the hoopla is lost on me. According to my neighbor, Saturday’s game to watch is UCLA vs. Xavier, but I am sure that is only because he is a proud alumnus—a very proud alumnus. He had to pay a hefty fine to our Home Owners Association last year for painting his house blue and yellow. I thought it was kind of pretty but when he mounted the six foot Bruin bear on his front lawn, the committee put it’s collective foot down.
Anyway, even though I don’t enjoy watching college ball, I do love events with a lot of nicknames and this one has quite a few. The “Sweet Sixteen” have been narrowed to the “Elite Eight,” which, after this weekend, will be whittled down to the “Final Four” who will compete in “The Big Dance” next weekend in San Antonio. That kind of creativity is to be admired…and exploited. My apathy toward college sports is matched only by my enthusiasm for marketing, so we here at Rush Imprint have a wealth of basketball themed offerings to help you celebrate and make the most of the season. The Final Four is only a week away but you still have time to snap up some creative promotional items that will help you market your brand to basketball nuts and sports gamblers everywhere. For the more scholarly types, the Colossal Basketball Twist pen is nearly twice the size of a regular pen and features high quality, black medium point ink and comfortable rubber grip. For the worriers on your team, a Basketball Stress Reliever imprinted with your company’s logo is the ideal way to celebrate the end of the NCAA tournament. Finally, for your fun loving clients, slap your logo and a cool message on the Slam Dunk Basketball Flip Game. It has an easy-to-assemble metal post with acrylic backboard and rim and comes with a vinyl basketball. We have something for every type of player.
Well, I’ve got to get out of the house for a few hours so Mrs. Winston can deodorize the carpets…again. Until next time, I leave you with the wise words of very tall man who didn’t play basketball. “I liked the choreography, but I didn’t care for the costumes.” (Tommy Tune)