Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I recently returned from my nephew’s wedding in Costa Rica—which, if you’ve never been, is a place I highly recommend you visit at least once in your lifetime. It’s beautiful…with fantastic beaches, pristine jungles and lovely locals who live to enjoy life. That’s why “Pura Vida,” which literally translates to “Pure Life,” is such a popular saying over there. Prior to leaving on my first trip to Central America, I took a crash course in Spanish, but since most Ticos have a firm grasp of the English language, locating the nearest bathroom and ordering mango daiquiris was no problem. I won’t bore you with the details of what was a beautiful wedding and lively, rum fueled reception, but I feel compelled to share one thing that made this uncle’s marketing heart burst with pride.

Costa Rica is situated roughly ten degrees north of the equator and as such, sunscreen and a good hat are a tourist’s two best friends. I also found that an ice-cold birra went a long way in offering relief from the hot sun. My nephew, having marketing in his blood, had the foresight to equip his guests with welcome Beachcomber Totes filled with essentials like sun block, chapstick, Paradise Sport Bottles and Collapsible Can Coolers. Naturally, all the useful items were imprinted with a warm message, which served as a reminder of a wonderful moment. Unsurprisingly, the Winston’s were beaming with pride at application card citi creditcard credit debt reduction servicesbest card credit interest ratecard credit fraud reportcredit card reward program,card credit program reward,best card credit program rewardcredit card debt statistics,teen credit card debt statisticscard card credit master pal pay,card com credit pal pay,pay pal credit cardbad card credit credit discover,bad credit discover cardbusiness card credit processing start,credit card processing for businessmbna america credit cardannual card credit fee no secured,annual card credit credit fee no poor,no annual fee credit cardcard credit generator number stolen,card credit fake generator number,credit card number generator0 credit card offer,credit card offer with 0 on transferonline application visa credit cardapplication card credit status visavisa reward credit card,card credit point reward visacard consolidation credit loan studentbank card citi creditcredit card debt consolidation servicebad card credit credit ukcard credit offer visabusiness card credit find smallprovidian bank credit cardhow to reduce credit card bad debt,bad debt credit card,credit card bad debt statisticsbest rate and deal credit card,best credit card ratevisa credit card application formcard comparison consolidate credit debtfree credit report no credit card,free credit card,free cell phone no credit card neededcard credit history no visa,no credit history credit card,card credit credit history needed nobank card credit georgia monogramlow interest student credit card,low interest rate credit card balance transfer,low interest credit cardbill card consolidation credit debt life partner,credit card bill consolidationbest reward credit carduk credit card applyinstant online approval credit cardchase credit card home pagecard consolidate credit debtcard credit gateway paymentcash reward credit cardcard check credit credit nocredit card balance transfer rategreen dot prepaid credit carduk credit card,uk visa credit card,guaranteed credit card ukcanada card consolidation credit,canada card consolidation credit inuk lowest interest credit cardbest cash back credit cardcard credit high risk ukcredit card application onlineapplying card credit ukfirst premier credit card application our boy’s marketing acumen. Oh, and the wedding was nice too. All in all it was a great week—filled with fun in the sun, romance and fantastic promotional products.
Well, I’m off to practice for my role in my son’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival at Kingston Elementary. I am replacing Tommy O’Malley’s dad who is suffering from a broken leg and can’t manage it this year. In honor of my Irish readers, and even those of you who are only Irish for a day, I leave you with a traditional Irish blessing:

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.