Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Every year, the whole Winston family looks forward to watching the drama of the Olympic Games unfold. It’s exciting to watch athletes go for the gold for the first time, or perhaps take their last shot at being the best in the world. Adding to the excitement this year was the assurance of an over the top opening ceremony that promised to deliver high impact drama—and China delivered big time in a four-hour ceremony. We sat down as family, popcorn in hand, to watch the pageantry and were treated to a spectacular performance by over 16,000 performers and a fireworks display that was second to none. I particularly loved the lighting of the Olympic flame by gymnast Li Ning. Let’s face it, summer TV is pretty bleak, so even if you’re not a sports fan, the Olympics offers human drama on a global level. It’s real reality TV with people who actually worked hard for the opportunity.

In the spirit of the Olympiad, now is the perfect time to celebrate the award winners on your team. Fostering a sense of teamwork, belonging and pride in being the best is important in every type of business. Sure your sales teams loves the monetary benefits that come with being a top earner, but being recognized as a leader is often just as important. Everyone from the CFO to the mailroom attendant deserves to be recognized for performance excellence and Rush Imprint has a variety of awards designed to do just that. Whether you have a gala awards ceremony or more of an awards spoof, ala The Office’s famous, “Dundies,” Rush Imprint has what you need to make the night, and award recipient feel special. If you take winning seriously, the Dramatis Award with Lighted Base is the perfect way to recognize a significant achievement, this award features an optically perfect piece of crystal mounted on a lighted base which produces an intriguing array of reflections. The crystal’s facets form elongated diamond shapes making them well suited for etching your company’s logo. If you pride yourself on being a fun boss with a healthy sense of humor, the Hand Clapper is a handy way to give your best employees a hand for their hard work. Either way, you (and you valued employees) win.

Well, I’m off to accept my award for cleaning the garage—Mrs. Winston promised a “special” reward for finishing in under a day and I intend to collect. Until next time, remember, “Winning isn’t everything…except when it is.”