Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Regular readers and fans know that I am a vest man. Sure it’s old fashioned, but it’s my signature look and it works for me. I have over 387 vests—more than enough to wear one every day of the year with a few left over. I have caught more than my share of flack for my vest obsession, especially from my fashion obsessed teen-aged daughter who calls my look, “old man chic.” So, imagine my delighted surprise when my little Princess sauntered in to the family room wearing…a vest! I thought I was dreaming but after pinching myself several times, I discovered that she was indeed taking a cue from dear old Dad and sporting a very sharp pin striped vest. Naturally I took the opportunity to bond with my eldest child and complimented her choice of attire. My normally charming girl looked at me, looked at my vest, looked down at her vest and back at me…and promptly ran to room to change.

After my failed attempt at filial bonding, I decided to examine the roots of my vest interest. I think I got my first vest at the age of five—at least that is what my mother tells me. She showed me a picture of the five year old me dressed up in a red vest, blue blazer and polka dotted bow tie for my first day of kindergarten. That explains a lot. All through school, significant events were marked by the acquisition of a new vest. I wore a striped vest for my second place finish in my third grade spelling bee, a plaid vest the year I became class treasurer and a black velvet vest the night of my first school dance. To be honest, my little trip down memory lane didn’t yield much fruit of understanding for why I have such a penchant for vests, but it does explain all the shiners and fat lips I had as a kid. Children can be so cruel.

Not surprisingly, today’s offering, in honor of my daughter, is a Women’s Vantek Microfiber Vest made of microfiber fleece, and featuring a stand-up collar, full-zip front, front and back princess seams with on-seam front zipper pockets. It comes in several colors, including pink, and like all promotional items Rush Imprint offers, it can be imprinted with your company logo. It’s the perfect fall gift for fashion forward female clients who need a little something to keep them warm as the weather begins to get cooler, but not yet cold.

I’m off to prepare for my speech in honor of National Dog Week. I’m the official MC and honorary top dog at this year’s parade. Until next time remember, “If the vest fits, you’re still in pretty good shape.”