Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I just sat down to watch “The Colbert Report” and was tucking in to a pint of Cherry Garcia when my wife sauntered into the room and announced that she wanted to get married again. Naturally, I was taken aback since Mrs. Winston was currently legally and happily married to me, has far as I knew, and we were about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Was it all a lie? Was Mrs. Winston eyeing men at the super market or, worse yet, were her weekly ‘girls nights’ actually secret rendezvous with other men? My world was crashing down all around me until I realized, with a whole different kind of panic, that she wanted to marry ME again.

Another wedding? Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but one wedding was more than enough to last a lifetime. I had enough pomp and circumstance, in-law meddling and bad dancing the first time around. But after twenty years of marriage, I know one thing for certain—when my wife gets an idea in her head, she is relentless. She has been talking about it non stop for two straight weeks and leaving less than subtle hints around the house. I went to the bathroom this morning to find Modern Bride had replaced my Sports Illustrated and we have had wedding cake for dessert five nights in a row.

As tired as I am of listening to her hum the bridal march while she gets ready for bed, I do admire her commitment to getting her way. Mrs. Winston is nothing if not persistent. Truth be told, her unbridled (pun intended) enthusiasm, word of mouth campaign (the kids are all pestering me about being in our wedding) and persistence have kind of gotten to me. I am proud of her commitment and more than a little pleased that being married to a Marketer has rubbed off. Take a cue from my Mrs. and you too will get what you want in business. By being enthusiastic about your product or service, utilizing word of mouth and, above all, being persistent, you will enjoy the same success that my wife has. The wedding is next month.

A great promotional products campaign can give you the edge you need to push your business up the ladder of success—it shows enthusiasm, commitment and if you choose a product with legs, is a great way to spread your message far and wide. I like to give away pens, travel mugs and water bottles because those are items people take out into the world. It’s true that they are simple, but they are also extremely effective. It’s not rocket science people.

Well, I’m off to a cake tasting—I hope they have carrot. Remember, “Persistence pays off but if you have to pay for a wedding, it can be expensive.”