Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I was recently invited to a good friend of my wife’s “Coming Out “ Party. I was confused when I receive the evite since Mrs. Winston and I have known “Judy” and her husband for years. My confusion was quickly laid to rest when I learned that Judy was still happily married and the coming out she referred to was that she was publicly admitting her true age. I was stunned to learn that Judy was about to turn forty; not because I think 40 is old, but because I had always assumed she was in her early 30’s—an assumption she never corrected and I never questioned. The assumption was further solidified by the fact that her husband is 31 and she looks and behaves in the manner of a carefree young woman just entering adulthood. I’m not saying she is immature, but I would characterize her as youthful. This bombshell has made me realize that 1) Judy is quite possibly a cougar and 2) The fountain of youth springs from not having children. Not that my own wife doesn’t look great you understand, it’s just that not having kids to care for enables one to live a somewhat less stressful existence. I wouldn’t trade mine for the world, but I would give back the gray hairs if I could.

I find it interesting, but understandable, that Judy was so invested in keeping her true age a secret and letting the world, or at least her friends, believe she was younger than she was. Society is obsessed with youth—young celebrities are applauded and women’s magazines are filled with articles about how to look younger. I guess I am lucky—I am a man and we just get better looking with age, at least that’s what Mrs. Winston tells me. Bless her heart.

While we can’t all be (or even look) young, we can remain young at heart. One way to do that is to release your inner child and play some games—so today’s offering is the Solace 5 in 1 Outdoor Game Set. This 31 piece set includes a volleyball / badminton net, two badminton racquets and two shuttle cocks, an inflatable volleyball, horseshoes, a fold up flyer, Solace Flying Disc Ball Game in a durable carrying case. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who can use a little more fun and games in their life.

Well I’m off to buy an outfit for Judy’s party—it’s an 80s theme so I’m in the market for some shoulder pads and acid washed denim. Remember, “Age doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun and look good doing It.” -Judy’s husband.