Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

“Virgil, we need to talk” are not the words I relish waking up to on a lazy Sunday morning…especially when the one uttering such missives is my lovely bride. It can only mean one thing—I’m in trouble. It’s been one of those weeks and I don’t really need more strife, so I rolled over and pretended to sleep. Unfortunately, twenty years of marriage means that Mrs. Winston is wise to my games and she wasn’t having it. So, I peeled myself out of bed, jammed my feet into my favorite slippers and headed downstairs for some eye opening java. I sat down at the kitchen table and braced myself for Mrs. Winston to innumerate my misdeeds. And then she surprised me. She sat down, took my hand and said she wanted to talk more…in general and that ““Better Conversation Week”” was coming up and seemed like a good time to start. Well, that was certainly a relief…for about ten seconds, which is precisely how long it took me to realize I’d have to start having deeper, more meaningful conversations (or at least interesting ones) with my wife. I hate Sundays.
“Better Conversation Week” starts November 22nd and is the perfect opportunity to start dialoging with your spouse about something other than what is for dinner and how the dog is digging up the yard again. Perhaps you can explore new topics such as the latest book you’re reading, world politics or the new exhibit at your local museum. Instead of haranguing your children about homework, try engaging them in meaningful dialogue about their favorite author or iphone app.

Better conversations aren’t just for home use—this week is an opportune time to engage your customers in conversation about your business. Pick up the phone and start asking them what you can do to make them happier. Look for conversations already in progress on the web—visit message boards and blogs and “talk” with your core audience to learn about their needs and discuss how you can meet them. Communication is also the best way to motivate your sales force. Find out what makes them tick and you can inspire them to do their best and close the deal. Why not celebrate better conversations at work by gifting your team with a fun, fresh gift like Hexi-Sell Decision Dice? The conversation starting dice are made of solid wood and engraved with catch phrases like, “Pound the Pavement” and “Close the Deal.” This gift is sure to bring a smile to any sales rep’s lips and will keep the conversation going for years to come.

Join The Winston’s as we celebrate “Better Conversation Week,” because as Ordway Tead once remarked, “Conversation is the fine art of mutual consideration and communication about matters of common interest that basically have some human importance.” Well said.