Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

The holiday season is in full bloom—I know because my wife is panicking about all the leftover Halloween candy and the stores are stocked with Christmas decorations. Although I enjoy the holiday season in all its glory, I find it a bit off-putting to hear Christmas carols every time I go to the drugstore to buy earplugs. I think that’s why I like Thanksgiving—there are no songs to sing, presents to buy or trees to erect. Thanksgiving is about three things: giving thanks, spending time with family and friends and eating until your pants no longer button.

We are hosting the annual Turkey Day meal this year and Mrs. Winston has already begun practicing her famous, or infamous, stuffing recipe and searching for the perfect pumpkin pie. I am the designated turkey maker and have been researching deep fryers. I have been told that deep fried turkey is the juiciest, most delectable and fastest way to prepare a turkey and I look forward to finding out for myself. It may not be the healthiest preparation, but Thanksgiving is the one day when calorie counting is not allowed. Since my family and I eat healthfully the other 364 days of the year, I don’t feel too guilty about splurging in the name of tradition. In fact, I’m downright thankful that I can.

I hope you find an abundance of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, but if you need some help, Rush Imprint has a plethora of promotional products that should do the trick. For those clients in cold climates, the Danbury Ice Scraper is a cool choice that will have the recipients thanking you on frost filled winter mornings. It’s a practical, thoughtful gift that will insure you are at the top of the list come Christmas time.

Well, I’ve got to go—the department store down the street is having a sale on deep fryers and I want to be first in line. As Thanksgiving approaches, remember the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”