Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

December 7th is Letter Writing Day, a day meant to inspire communication the old fashioned way…by putting pen to paper and sending someone a hand written letter. Letter writing is almost a lost art, since most correspondence today takes place via email, instant message or text. When was the last time you actually sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a letter to someone? If you are like me, you probably can’t remember that far back. Thank you notes and birthday card don’t count. The really sad thing is, our kids will probably never know the joy of passing hand written notes in class, or writing a long love letter to the cute guy or gal who sits behind them in Chemistry; they’ll just send a text or poke them on Facebook and be done with it. I cannot bear to let that happen however and have vowed to keep letter writing alive for my children. That is why I have declared the 7th day of every month Letter Writing Day in the Winston household. Won’t you join us?

Appropriately, today’s offering is an elegant Silver Plated Star Letter Opener, perfect for opening letters, love notes, birthday cards and even bills. It’s a throwback gift that lets your clients know you are an old fashioned business—the kind that cares about its customers and delivers on its promises. I am giving one to each of my children to encourage them on their letter-writing journey. I just hope nobody pokes an eye out.
Well, I’ve got to go meet my trainer—I overindulged a bit on Thanksgiving and I’m determined to stay fit so I can do it again on Christmas. Until we meet again, I leave you with a few lines from W.H. Auden. “And none will hear the postman’s knock
 without a quickening of the heart. For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?”