From the time you walk into the office, you are succumb in chaos.  Everything that could go wrong does, and your stress level begins to creep up.  You feel like in any moment you are going to explode, but then you realize that isn’t something you can do at work.  What do you do then?  Do you continue to rip your hair out? Or is there another way you can deal with the stresses of a demanding job.  Here are five ways to de-stress while in the office surrounded by turmoil:

1.  Meditate for five minutes – Find a secluded place (even if it’s in the car) where you can have a few moments without any interruptions. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Yoga instructors will teach you to inhale and exhale deeply through your nose without opening your mouth. In the beginning, your mind will be busy. Push any thoughts aside and continue focusing your breathing. After awhile, you will get the hang of it. Try to meditate for at least five minutes. When you open your eyes, your mind will be clearer, and you would have released some of the stress that you had.

2.  Taking your stress out on objects – If you are more of an action-oriented person, then you probably need to do something physical.  Stress balls are great ways to relieve stress without scaring away your coworkers.  Simply squeeze away until you feel your stress diminish. Another object that you can use to relieve some stress is building something.  Using your hands, keeps your mind from wandering all over the place, which helps you de-stress even if it’s just for a moment.

3.  Go for a walk or run – Put on your sneakers, and get moving.  Walking or running is a great way to forget the office for a few minutes.  If it’s nice outside, checking out your surroundings while you are exercising can do wonders for your stress. Nothing is better than getting some endorphins in your systems to kick out all the stress from work.  A pedometer is great way to keep track of how many steps you took while you’re walking or running outside.

4. Get a mini massage - Spas are known to be relaxing places where you can forget about the troubles of the day.  Massagers are a great way bring the spa into the office, so you can de-stress from all the craziness around you.  Just roll them over your shoulders, arms, or back until you feel the stress slowly diminish.   In an instant, you won’t even remember what you got you so riled up.

5. Treat yourself to a warm refreshment - Pour yourself your favorite coffee, hot chocolate, or tea into a cup and enjoy a few moments sipping it.  It’s a nice way to treat yourself without the extra calories.  You feel the stress slowly slip away while you drink your warm beverage.  One thing about drinking your favorite drink is that you meditate without realizing it while doing something physical.