In many areas, this has been the coldest and longest winter that people have seen in years. There have been feet of snow piling up on the streets; chilly, windy days that make you run inside as fast as possible; and neighbors coming together to shovel and clean their streets and cars. Therefore, you have to be prepared to handle all the cold, snowy days that makes you realize that summer isn’t coming fast enough.

An insulated coat is essential to keep warm. They also have a way of keeping out the wind and water that can sometimes accompany a winter day.  Dressing in layers underneath is something essential when dealing with the cold.  Depending on what you are doing, you can easily become warmer or colder in no time.  Layers are a great way to remove or add clothing to fit your needs.

Chapped lips are something that usually happens to the best of us in the cold, especially when the wind is kicking it up a notch. Therefore, you should always carry around some lip balm to smooth over your lips when they start feeling a little dry. Something people tend to forget is that sun can actually be stronger during the winter months than summer ones. If you can get lip balm with SPF protection, then that is the best way to go.

You’re probably going to spend a few hours shoveling snow to get your car out, so you want to ensure that your head, neck, and hands stay warm. When you go out, always bundle up by wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves. If you can find insulated ones, then go for those because you will not even realize that you are in 30 degrees (or less) weather.

While your waiting for your car to warm up, you want to have something that does the same for you. Make some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that you can put in a travel mug. In this way, while you are seeing your own breath, you can quickly get your insides warm while you wait for the rest of you to catch up.

Warm blankets are a great way to cuddle up while you watch the snow falling outside. Fleece is always essential for cold weather. It doesn’t just keep you warm, but feels amazing on your skin.

You might be tired of seeing snow, but there is no excuse not to keep warm this winter.