Time is something that everyone needs to keep track of sooner or later. Therefore, a clock is an essential item that is in every household. Being that everyone has a clock, then why not have fun with it and get a wacky, kooky one that will make your houseguests trying to figure out where you got it. Here are 15 fun clocks that will give some style to telling time.

1. Spirit of St. Louis Desktop Clock Radio

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 1This clock was made for world travelers who want an AM/FM clock radio that also tells time.  It looks like one of those old-school suitcases that you would stick stickers to show where you have been.  The clock’s minute and hour hands glow in the dark, so you can even use it as a night light.

2. Record Player Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 2 Music lovers will rejoice when they see this clock.  It’s a clock that looks like a record player that is actually made out of one.  Made from a recycled Motorola record player, this clock even has an actual record that it uses, “I’ll Be Around” by Tommy James and the Shondells, which is replaceable.

3. Ying Yang Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 3 This clock redefines that feng shui feel by balancing time with a picture that will make you stop and smile.  You do not have to search around for the perfect picture that is the right size to stick in the photo frame.  Instead, you can upload the image you desire, and you have your perfect ying yang clock.

4. Lego Radio Alarm Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 4

This is a great clock for children and lego-lovin’ adults.  It has a AM/FM radio that allows you to wake up to your favorite music, or just listen to it whenever you want.  There are some clocks that make it hard for you to hit the “Snooze” button.  With the clock’s big buttons, you will never have to worry about that.  This could be a good or bad thing because you might just stay in bed.

5. The Gizmo Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 5If you are someone who is constantly knocking your clock on the floor, then the Gizmo Clock is the right one for you.  It has suction cups on the bottom of the feet, so it will be stuck to wherever you place it.  You can place this clock wherever you want.  For instance, your bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, and the keeps going.

6. Uomino Tavolo

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 6 Everyone has heard that expression that “time is running out.” Now, there is a clock can say it for you.  This clock will be a constant reminder to not procrastinate because you will look at it, and see time passing you by.  It’s a great gift for someone who never seems to be on time.

7. Aspiral Clocks

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 7 A unique clock that comes in all different colors and designs. The red ball keeps going and going until it reaches the 12th hour. Like a pinball, it goes through the hole in the middle, and it starts right back up again.

8. Elements Water Powered Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 8For the environmentalist in you, this clock actually runs on water for 1.5 weeks.  It helps you keep track of the time and date without needing to use a battery or power charger. Great way to teach people that you can make a difference even by telling time.

9. Retro Alarm Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 9 This clock will make you think about all the beach movies you watched growing up. Where everyone starts dancing and singing out of the blue, and use words like “Cowabunga.” If you are into retro designs, then you will love this clock that looks like it’s on an old-school surfboard.

10. Helice Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 10 Colors are a great way to bring light to a clock and your room.  This clock tells the time, date, and temperature.  The colors are brought out by the minimalistic design.

11. 3-Port USB Hub with Clock 15 Fun Clocks - Clock 10

If you want to keep track of time, while connecting your electronics, then here is this clock for your enjoyment.  You can connect three different gadgets (i.e. laptop, PDA, etc) at the same time.  The clock comes in green, pink, or blue.

12. Amone World Time Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 12

This clock tells time in 18 cities all over the world.  It displays the time, date, calendar, and thermometer in three tiers.  It helps in reading the information, and not having it be in the same window.  Definitely a clock with style.

13. Starbust Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 13 This clock will brighten any wall.  There are different color schemes, depending on your preference.  It may take awhile to tell the time, but it’s definitely worth it when you have everyone exclaiming how fun your clock is.

14. Beer Fly ClockFine Clock

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 14 Beer drinkers, now here is a clock for you. It is a custom image of a beer drink that will make you daydream while you watch time go by.  According to the makers, the print will last 100 years without fading.  So drink a beer, and enjoy your clock.

15. Impress Clock/Organizer

15 Fun Clocks - Clock 15 Time management and organization go hand-in-hand, so why not have a clock that helps you do this?  This clock will keep your supplies in order while you know what time it is.