by Dan Broudy, CEO of rushIMPRINT

I want to make the online experience faster and more user friendly for our customers.

Hello everyone. I need your help. While we have made many upgrades to rushIMPRINT this year, I want to make the user experience easier and faster, and I am hoping you will help us to do that. Every aspect of what we do at rushIMPRINT has to do with speed. We love getting orders done faster than expected, getting art proofs out in record time, and we love making our customers experience as quick and easy as possible. I liken our inside customer service reps to gunslingers. They need to be quick on the draw for any rush scenario, and be relentless in their pursuit of customer satisfaction.

In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire: “Help me help you”. All I ask is that you don’t laugh at me the way the character Rod Tidwell laughed at Jerry Maguire. If you could please submit to me your best ideas of what upgrades to our website or tweaks to the ordering process that would make the overall user experience better and faster, any changes that get implemented, I will give you $200 worth of promos with your logo on it. Post them on our blog, tweet us, make a comment on our Facebook account or just email me dbroudy at

If you can get back to us as quickly as possible, it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your patronage, and for sharing your ideas.

Dan Broudy