It is Kick Butts Day on March 24, 2010. You might be wondering if this is something that I made up on a whim, or is there actually a day like this. Well, there is. Kick Butts Day is a way to empower the youth in the United States to take a stand against tobacco. There are events all over the country.  When you go on the  web site, you will see a national map, powered by Google, that shows what cities are holding events on Wednesday.  The site also shows you the way you can get involved, whether it be attending an event or making #kickbutts a trending topic on Twitter that day, resources, and gear you can wear to show your support.

The Kick Butts Day Store has a variety of products that can appeal to many people, mainly tailored to the youth of this country. There are wristbands, iPod case, shirt, and temporary tattoos.  You can even get a custom Kick Butt Day photobook to always remember that day.  What if you are older, but you still want to show your support, and you are not sure if a temporary tattoo is something you want? Here are some gear that older people can tailor for Kick Butts Day.

Take a red shirt, and put a creative phrase on there that shows your support for the youth in this country taking action against tobacco.  You can even download some promotional material off of the Kick Butts Day site, and use that to put on your shirt.

More than likely, adults will have to be with the youth while they go around and show their support for this great cause. Therefore, why not create a tote that show your own support for Kick Butts Day, while holding all of the kids’ stuff that you will be dragging around.
Place your mug in a spot where everyone can see it and can come ask you, “What in the world is Kick Butts Day?”  It will give you a way to tell people about the day without them feeling that you are being intrusive.  While you are showing off your Kick Butts Day, make sure to take care of yourself and fill it with your favorite drink.

Kick Butts Day is a great campaign to show kids how to stay tobacco free.  If there are events happening in your city, then jump at the chance to help or attend.