by Dan Broudy, CEO of rushIMPRINT

When was the last time you gave one of your employees something cool to say thanks?

Hello everyone. If the answer to the title of this blog is, “I cannot remember”, dude…. it’s time. I am guilty as well. We have a lot of talented people on our staff, and with the speed at which we get
things done, sometimes I forget to say thank you. I just assume it’s the norm to work that fast and be a badass if you work at rushIMPRINT.

On the right is a picture of Perry, our head of our graphic design. I just hooked him up with a logoed Nike windshirt to say thanks for always rocking it for us. Those email virtual proofs you get from us… it is either Perry or one of his team members getting it for you. When you give your employee something cool, add your logo to it. Make them feel like they are one of the team. Make them want to wear it or carry it outside your workspace and be proud to market it to the community. If you need any ideas on cool employee gifts, tweet me,
email me (dbroudy at, Facebook me, post it to this blog or just pull a Matt Parkman and use mental telepathy:

Whatever is easiest for you. But whether you get them something or not, thank your employee stars. Without them, your company would not be the same, and you know it. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the day.