If you are a movie fan, then you know that the Academy Awards is this Sunday on March 7, 2010.  This is where everyone in Hollywood will be strolling down the red carpet in their most glamorous gowns and suits.  You might not be there to join them, but you can celebrate the biggest night in Hollywood by getting all your movie-loving friends together and throwing an Academy Awards party. You can cheer and jeer at the movies, actors, directors, etc. that win Oscars this year.  These are the steps to throw an Academy Awards party fit for celebrities.

Send Out Your Oscar Invitations

Use Evite or Socialzr to send your invitees flashy invitations letting them know that the Academy Awards party is on.  The best time to send them is a month to six weeks before the party, so your friends have time to RSVP.  It will give you enough time to figure out the amount of food, drinks, and space you’ll need for the party to run smoothly.

Lights! Camera! Action! Decorate Away

Decorating for an Academy Awards party is very easy because your television will be the center star. However, you can make the rest of your place feel like an Oscar event by hanging star garlands around your house. There are decorations made specifically for the Academy Awards, so it’s easy to glam up your place without giving it much thought.  You can even have a red carpet leading to your door that will make your guests feel like they are being followed by paparazzi. Maybe snap a picture of them when they walk through your door, and/or have a microphone and announce their arrival.

Have All the Food a Movie Lover Would Want

You might want to make the party very ritzy and serve little hors d’oeuvres to your guests. However, the Academy Awards is a pretty long show, so you want to stick with food that will fill them up, so they are not starving. Buffalo wings, chip-n- dip, swedish meatballs, etc. The one thing that every Academy Awards party should have is popcorn. Why not create get an Oscars artwork, and create your own popcorn bin that you can give to your guests?  Get enough non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, or even tell your guests to bring their own, so that you are not scrambling for anything when they are announcing the Oscar winners.

Wear Something that Will Have You on the Best-Dressed List

There are so many ways to go with what to wear for your Academy Awards party. If you are going to make it trendy, have your guests wear evening dresses and suits. Another great angle is having your guests dress up as their favorite Oscar-worthy movie character. You will already have the one-up on having a successful party by doing this. If you just want your friends to be comfortable while you lounge around watching the Academy Awards, then ask everyone to wear their pajamas.

Make a Game of the Oscar Winners

Before the Academy Awards officially being, pass around Oscar Party Pool Sheets to your guests. Have them fill out their guesses as to who they think will win.  The person who gets the most guesses right should get his/her own Oscar.  Make your own version of the Oscar, and after the real Academy Awards are finished, present the Oscar to the winner.  Have the winner give a thank-you speech to all the people who really, really loved him/her.

There are so many ways to throw a successful Academy Awards party.  Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun and enjoy the Oscars.  Even if your picks do not win, you will still be a winner.