Hello everyone. Since the 4th quarter 2009 and still going to this day, Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer spray and gel has been selling like hotcakes. It is the iPod of our industry. H1N1 this, Swine Flu that… everyone has to have some. Did you know that for anti-bacterial gel and spray to be approved by the FDA, that it must have an alcohol concentration of at least 62% to kill bacteria. Unfortunately there are some sources overseas that are supplying our industry with as low as 40% alcohol. In other words, if you were using the 40% version you might as well be washing with water and getting spiritual, because it ain’t killing germs.

The benefits of using USA Made is that it is produced at an FDA approved and audited facility, meaning the products come out of a clean, up to code facility with ingredients and methods that are up to date with the FDA. Unfortunately there are some distributors that are using sources that are bringing in their personal care goods from China, where there is no regulation as to what is going in these products and they also don’t have to provide documentation for what is going in these products. They also don’t have to have any kinds of regulations for what kind of facility these are being produced out of. They could be using a hut for all we know.

It’s just a matter of what do you want on your skin & lips. A product that you can guarantee is clean and sanitary or something you think might be that way. I’m not saying that all sources overseas are not using facilities that are nice, but without an FDA approval it’s impossible to tell. And anyone that tells you they are an FDA approved facility that is importing their product is lying. They may use FDA standards, but it’s impossible to be an FDA approved facility in China.

The moral of the story… when purchasing logoed anti-bacterial hand sanitizer spray and gel, it is safer to use USA Made product. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it relates to your health. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the day.

PS – The only kind we carry at rushIMPRINT is USA MADE.