Flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives – I have no doubt if you have not used one, at the very least you have seen them. BUT… just in case you were living on an unchartered desert isle island with Gilligan and crew, A Flash Drive is a small drive that connects to a computer directly through a USB port. It is both PC and Mac compatible, and gives you a portable way to transfer files between computers.

Our industry is inundated with them. It is THE item to give away. You can preload with a presentation and then give to a client. You can get them in different shapes, combined with a pen,
printed with full color art, printed with individual names, and they are becoming more eco-friendly, being build from more recyclable materials. Now if you really want to get functified… for as low as 250 units, you can order your usb in a CUSTOM SHAPE. The shape of your logo, of a product, you name it. It can be done.

USB’s are also becoming faster. This year they came out with the 3.0 speed, which means faster transfer time (up to 10 times faster). That is thing about technology… just keeps getting faster.

If you have any USB questions or needs… you know the dude to contact. Email me dbroudy at rushimprint.com. I will hook you up.

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend.