According to, “An Overview of the Nonprofit and Charitable Sector” report drafted in November of 2009, over 1.5 million nonprofits are registered in the U.S., nearly 64 percent of them public charities, nearly 8 percent private foundations, and 29 percent other types of nonprofits. With so many nonprofits in this country, there is a lot of need for funding and services. As our economy starts to repair we’re still seeing a lack in money from both businesses and consumers. Giving is harder now more than ever but the nonprofit sector still needs the support.

One idea to help these organizations is by donating corporate gifts instead of cash. Never underestimate the value of giving, no matter the size of the contribution or the product that is being given. All nonprofits need money and funding, but many of them need other items to help them continue running and promoting their cause. Donating logoed coffee mugs, pens, key chains or t-shirts could help a nonprofit tremendously. They could sell these products at events, give them away as corporate gifts to their investors, volunteers and clients, which will add value to these people, but also help brand their company and spread their logo and message to the world.

Brainstorm ways your company can give to a nonprofit that represents a cause that is in line with your company’s mission and values. If you can’t give cash, is there something else you can donate?