Every business and organization is constantly seeking out new ways to boost their reputation and brand awareness. One great and affordable way to do so is to invest in quick and practical tradeshow promotional gifts. Here are a few effective ways to increase brand recognition at tradeshows that will not break the bank.

Promotional pens are one of the best marketing tools and are one of the most popular items found at tradeshows. They are very affordable and extremely handy (no pun intended). Everyone uses pens; everyone also passes along pens, so when you invest in personalized pens you’re exposing your brand to so hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

Another great item that can increase your brand recognition is a personalized tote bag imprinted with your company logo and company colors. Think about it, when people attend tradeshows they are given so many items with only two hands and would benefit greatly having somewhere to put everything. Not to mention your competitors horror when they see your companies tote holding their items. It’s a walking advertisement and makes the consumers’ life easier!

A keychain is a fun way to get creative. Key chains are a great way to ensure recognition even after the event. You can customize them with information, logos, colors and even shapes. The possibilities are endless no matter what you choose.

Your goal should be to show your marketing message everywhere and however you do that is up to you but try to be creative and think practical! Make your next tradeshow successful by handing out as many promotional gifts and practical items as possible!