The key reason to invest in promotional gifts is to bring awareness to your product and/or services. One of the best ways to receive brand recognition is to distribute promotional products such as pens, hats, key tags, and stress balls. However, one of the simplest yet effective marketing tools is through handing out promotional pens which display your information. Not only are pens used on a daily basis but they display your company information to existing and prospective customers in a very subtle yet powerful way.

Promotional pens are great resources to help take your business to the next level. Imprinted with names, numbers, slogans, messages, and website URL, promotional pens have the ability to keep the attention of existing customers and invite new ones which is a great way to generate business.  On social media sites like Twitter or Facebook? Add your Twitter handles and Facebook URL’s to the pens too. Remember, a large part of your consumers might be online, connect with them on their level.

Think about it, when you give away promotional pens to existing clients, they will probably lend or leave behind a pen somewhere, somehow. How often do you find pens laying around that you have no idea where or how you got them? Pens seem to grow feet, which is bad for you when you need one but great for your business when it is picked up by someone new.

If you are looking for more business and want to generate business in a quick and affordable way, we encourage you to invest in promotional pens. Never underestimate the power of a pen!