When you think of the word ‘promotion’ what do you think of?  Trade show? Contests? Slogan? Logo? Being Rememberable? All of these things are traits of a good promotional product–promotion is not limited to one venue.  Get in the mix and get your company out there into the minds and mouths of the world. You don’t have to physically be somewhere to make an impact with your fantastic promotional items, you can penetrate the barrier online. Here are some things to consider:

Promote your company’s website on everything:

When at a meeting, a social network event or even just bumping into someone on the street, it seems to always end with, “do you have a website?” Well, make sure that you are sharing that information on everything that you give out. This way, people will have access to your homepage and can see what you do and how your company can benefit them.

Find items that fit you and your company:

Make sure that your promotional items are representative of what you do as a company. If you are a computer company, invest in USB drives with your logo/website on it. If you’re an outdoor recreation company, give out backpacks with your information on it, or if you’re a health care company, try branding thermometers or first aid kits.

Give out your stuff online:

Whether you are looking to increase your traffic, get more people to subscribe to your newsletter or just for plain promotional purposes, give your stuff away online! Keep them coming back to your website to sign up for a contest and make sure that you give something away that is worth giving their email address up for. Remember, by giving it away, you are adding value to the consumer’s life and they are promoting for you, carrying your brand and message with them where ever they go!

Rewards and thank you’s:

Loyalty is a strong word in life and especially in business. There’s nothing that says thank you more than gifting them a fantastic product that has function, quality and of course, your information on it.

‘Rememberable’ yourself.

By giving away promotional products you are giving yourself the competitive advantage. You are standing out amongst the rest by showering your customers with free promotional products that will go a long way in your ‘rememberable’ status in their world. There are so many companies doing so many things, make yours not just another company, but a unique establishment that provides quality.