When buying promotional products you are forced to look at your budget. In a shaky economy is is incredibly important to stay smart with your cash but also to keep your sales numbers high. What better way than to use promotional products that are practical and affordable? RushIMPRINT has an entire section dedicated to products under $1. The products include spiral notebooks, chip clip magnets, pencil sharpeners and an entire section of stress relievers, and of course, the edible candy section :)

When at a tradeshow or any other event, it is so important to have something to give the customer. You want them to go home and to have the name of your company physically on them. When giving away something practical, the item will be burned into their memories. Grab their attention and get them to visit your site, or call your info number or even better, to recommend you in conversation. The point is to get yourself out there!

In an economy where fluctuations are certain, it is important to keep a connection with your potential customers and clients. What better passive way to be available to them than to make available practical, fun products for them, that won’t break your bank account.