These days everyone seems to be riding on the green train. Words like organic, sustainable, eco are beginning to be interwoven into the hearts, minds and mission statements of companies. As a company, it is important to show your dedication to the environment and your interest in keeping what you put into the world green. Now not all of us can always be green in everything that is business. But when it comes to buying promotional products for your company, thinking about the environment is not out of reach.

Sticking to environmental products can reduce your carbon footprint, or the amount of carbon that is emitted in order to keep your business running. It also can contribute to supporting sustainable materials, or renewable materials within the products that you are buying.

With rushIMPRINT, you can not only get the new swankiest and affordable promotional items for your company, but you can also make it eco friendly. Whether you are looking for a simple, yet practical reusable tote, or an elegant bamboo plant, you are destined to wow and last in your clients minds for a long time. Don’t forget to browse the entirety of the solar section featuring a variety of gadgets and gizmos that will not only last for a client much longer than the average promotional item but will bring a little bit of green to their lives too.