When you are at a trade show or expo, it is so very important to understand that a first impression can sometimes be your only chance to make an impression to passersby. The term “big personality” can sometimes have negative connotations attached to it but in this specific case, it is a “big personality” that is honed in, professional and of course, effective.

If you are lucky enough to nab a person with a “big personality”, it is important to set them up for success and lead them in a direction of greatness. There are a number of things to help them focus on but during their training, these are the most important factors to check off your list.

1. Establish Expectations

Let your new trainee know exactly what you expect. You would be surprised how many employees aren’t exactly sure what they are selling and who exactly they work for. Give them a thorough history of the company, company objectives and then personal objectives for them at the show. Even go so far as to sit them down in front of a computer, have them scour your website and later take a test on their knowledge. Personnel that know the ins and outs of the company are ones who can harness the power for big sales. Also, set daily goals and objectives for their trip to the show so that they can break up the big goal down into smaller ones.

2. Ebb and Flow

If you hired a big personality individual–you don’t want to change them. But you do, however, want to focus their attention on the bottom line. A lot of this type of personality can be scattered and distractible. Make sure that you are giving them clear, straightforward directions. For instance, their goal could be to bring people into the booth and introduce them to a website, or to get customers into the booth to try a fancy new dessert available. Set a simple, clear goal. From there, let their personality take care of the rest.

3. Professionalism

Although this type of personality can be known to be a rock star at events, it is also important to make sure they know their boundaries as an employee. During their training make sure that you emphasize things like appropriate language used, and the tone and type of sales pitch that you want your company to represent. Let them know the underlying importance of professionalism and the effect that it will have on their sales.

Eventually, if you train your big personality well and correctly, you may just end up with a rock star that will forever represent and contribute to your company’s success.