I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day discussing some of the more difficult aspects of his job.  My friend works for a professional sports team and is responsible for ALL of the promotional products, giveaways, and half-time events.  During our chat I had a few “A-Ha!” moments about finding the right promotional goods for the right clients; I thought I might share them with you today:

Start at the end and work your way back

Sometimes we forget to think like an end user, and end up buying things that can quickly find their way to the trash.  Before your next event, giveaway, retreat, or any other thing that would benefit from things with your logo on it, spend some time considering how the product will be used and who will use it.  Notepad holders are great for conferences, water bottles for sporting events, and reusable grocery bags would be great for green folks.

Be unique and stand outDon't be another pencil or pen

Pencils, pens, and foamy balls may be inexpensive when preparing for a mass giveaway, but I can’t begin to count the writing utensils I have amassed over the years that have gotten lost or lent without ever even being looked at.  When planning your next move try to come up with a few ideas the might help you stand out from the rest.  Don’t be bland and boring just because of cost.

Stay on target with the environment

It seems off to me when people give out USB drives at sporting events – sure everybody at some point can use a USB drive, but that isn’t the right crowd; perhaps a warm knit cap for a football game this Fall would be a wiser choice.  Plan ahead and remember where you are going to be distributing your promotional goods.

By the end of the conversation we had come up with some unique, useful, and valuable solutions for him and his clients.  Surely this fall should have some surprises for the fans of this team.  RushIMPRINT can be your one stop shop for promotional goods – let’s find some solutions together.