I like to consider myself a gamer and the Xbox 360 is my system of choice. Xbox 360 was the first next-gen console to debut and being a Sony Playstation devotee, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I researched it thoroughly and after reading previews, seeing images and videos, I decided this was something I had to own. I knew the launch date was drawing near but had no plan of action to secure one system of what I knew would be a limited supply. So I decided to patrol the retail stores to see how bad the lines were. At 11:30pm on the November pre-launch day, I found that Target had a surprisingly short line and decided without cold weather preparation to wait in it until 7am. (Probably something I’ll never do again) I succeeded in my efforts as the 360 was everything I wanted it to be. However there is one small feature on the 360 that didn’t really factor my purchase but has been a really enjoyable part of the experience. Whether you are playing a new game or old, you’ll do something where you hit one of the games pre-designated goals and it’ll give you a game achievement. Each achievement has a name and a numerical value which adds to the total achievements you’ve unlocked and total score for all of your achievements. It’s more for bragging purposes than anything else.

An example of a recent achievement I unlocked in Madden NFL 11, held the opposing team to under 100 yards of total offense.

It’s a system that can apply easily to your business settings. Did your business or employees achieve everything that you wanted them to accomplish? Did your employees feel like they accomplished everything that they wanted? Apply a series of goals for each employee and have them apply a series of goals for themselves, each time a goal is met, an achievement is unlocked. Achievement lists can be displayed in a central location, individually on employee’s desks or via e-mail. It’s a fun way to think about work and will breed competition between your employees to do the best job they can. You can even make the score for each achievement usable for a variety of items and perks. Perhaps the items could be products with your logo from our rushIMPRINT.com site. We have plenty to choose from.

It’s even a system that you could apply to your customers as well via a points/rewards/achievements system. We attribute a number of points per order for our rushIMPRINT rewards program. Those points can be used to purchase gift cards and logoed merchandise. It’s a great system and a way to get customers more simply by being loyal to your business.

With rushIMPRINT, we can help you meet your achievements for your business, employees and customers when you need imprinted merchandise in a quick turnaround time. Thanks for reading and congrats on unlocking your first achievement.

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